777 Distance Communication 1993
49 artists from 7 European countries, 7 from each: UK, Holland, Russia, Slovakia, Denmark, Iceland and Germany each produced 7 pieces of work. The work was distributed among the 7 galleries. The exhibitions opened at exactly the same time in each place. There was one exhibition distributed amongst 7 locations. Each location saw to its own affairs. There was no central authority prescribing how the show should be assembled. Each location displayed similarity; work was generally either one of a series or identical, but there was also differences. The venue type, the hanging and the groupings all expressed the diversity which the project explored. Was this surprising? Of course not. Why expect, why wish others to be the same. The similarities are important, the difference is important. Unity through diversity.
"Europe before being an economic or military alliance must be a cultural community."
Robert Schumann 1951
"Art does not reproduce what we see; rather it makes us see."
Creative Credo Paul Klee
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