Out of the Blue are a series of prints; colours with reasons.

"I have chosen that colour because it is the colour of the moment because I am cold sad I don't know in which direction I am going l am probably bad in the head and why I suppose that is the reason I am not happy I should be more happy but I am not I am trying to do all I can to change colour it is the colour it chose me there is not much to say except that it is blue white and cold I suppose that's all I can say"
"Well, I have chosen this colour because it reminds me of an unforgettable memory, the 8th of May 1995. It was the Victory, it was the day of The Peace, and of course the bell rang, the alarm, all the bells rang at midday to announce the end of the war, and in the evening one did not have the right to go dancing, or to have fun, because we had to do the silence for all the fallen in the war and at 10 o'clock in the evening this was the colour of the sky. I have always kept this colour in my memory. And then towards 11 o'clock the stars were there, and we danced in the ruins, I danced in the ruins of Evreux with a sky of this magnificent colour, and since then it has always been more or less my favourite colour. Every time I buy a new dress, often I buy one of these colours. There you are."
"Hello, OK, well, blue: it represents me; it sums me up. It's also the colour of the infinite, and that nothing is impossible, with blue. And, err, the colour of hope, and the colour of the sky, above all. And so, there you are, I really like myself: I see myself in this colour. There you are, blue, that's everything."
"Umm, I like this blue-grey because, I don't know, I find it's a, whenever there are greys with a hint of colour, something quite subtle comes together / coalesces and, err, and, err, so I really like these colours in the, that are a bit ambiguous like that. So, err, why? I don't know. It's, it's also, it's something that could be connected with both masculinity and femininity, I think, and then, that's only in my opinion. That's what I wanted to say."
"I chose this colour it reminds me of something in myself a good place to be like maybe feeling not really happy but feeling really inspired; it describes how I would like to be all of the time from where I would like to work from all of the time; like the basis of who I am some kind of [pause]... it doesn't look cold to me; it's a calm feeling."
"My favourite colour is blue because it reflects the person I would like to be rather than the person; I am I have a fiery temperament who would like to be more controlled but isn't; who would like to be more passive but isn't; maybe I react to quickly to things; blue is about who I would like to be rather than who l am."

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