Carnal Morphology
Made for Incidents II, Group Multi-Media Exhibition St Agatha's Exhibition Centre. This is a work of video and sound. It was constructed from a poem which explored sexuality and re-discovery in a long term relationship. The opening lines:
"After 20 years or so,
I thought I knew your body from head to toe,
But lately I discovered this,
It's not so,
There are billions of molecules left for me to go
And find."

The sound and video attempts to express the sensuality of close physical contact. It was a revelling in that contact. In any relationship life can intervene and interpose distractions and a drift away from each other can often result. We had five children and the creative chaos which this can produce did interject complications in the appreciation of each other. This work was made in a period when the complications of parenthood lessened allowing the lovers to re-emerge.
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