The Colour of the Spheres (2000)
Digital Animation.
Inspired by the Enigmatic Communities of Colour the work is a wander through a digital 3D environment of colour. It is the first exploration of the concept of an abstract 3 dimensional colour geometry. It relates to the abstracts developed by Runge, Albers and Munsell. It is a model, an inevitably incomplete model of colour. The camera often hectic, sometimes dawdling and drifting slowly plunges through levels of saturation and glides through horizons of hue. It goes no-where, it aimlessly pursues a trajectory, eventually resting in at the centre.
A journey through a meta-Ptolemaic universe consisting solely of colour. One hundred and one concentric hollow spheres each defined by a spectrum of hue, saturation and brightness. The outer layer has an equator of total saturation, a pole of black and a pole of white. The centre, the most inner layer is a point of mid-grey. Between mid-grey and total saturation is the journey from centre to edge. Each position is a colour. The metaphysics of colour has a meta-empirical measure. There are images of position but they disappear in the meta-rational of 0,0,0 dimension.



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