Cultural Threshold, 1992

Installation, Portsmouth City Museum & Art Gallery, part of; Europe in Portsmouth Festival Gateway A City Art Walk, Portsmouth.
Other participating artists: Natalia Abalakova, Anatoly Zhigalov, Ivan Csudai, , Sten Baadsgaard, Zhylkychy Zhakypov,, Nacir Chemao, Philippe Borderieux, Neil Taylor, Richard Weston, Pedro Proença.
The theme celebrated Portsmouth's role as a port, as a gateway to Britain and to Europe. The symbolic, metaphoric and literal meanings of this theme were explored by artists in a variety of ways. Cultural diversity, history, its conflicts past and present. Its economic imperitives for commerce on the one hand and people on the other.
Cultural Threshold is refers to the identifiers of cultural phenomena. On one side of the work it looks at:
The physical expression of culture: the sound of language, the form of text, the food, the artefacts, the geography, the institutions, the social structures, the sounds, the clothing, the expressive arts etc. All of those elements which are the expression through physical form.

The cognitive culture: The meanings of words, the belief systems, the systems of hierarchy; the systems of power etc. All of those that are the intellectual and formalised systems we find embedded in cultures.
The metaphysical culture: The harmony or chaos, the inclusion or exclusion, the perceived and unseen expression, that which is given importance that which is disparaged etc. The emotive element.
The opposite side uses the symbolic devise of word. Written word is a visual as well as cerebral expression. Writing is not speech. The problems inherent in the translation of word are evident in all translations, it is not unique to spoken and written language. When culture meets culture we walk through this threshold of interpretation. We need to work to understand. We need to understand, not everything, the achieve unity through diversity.
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