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Enigmatic Communities of Colour (1998)
An interactive artwork created originally as part of an artist residency. 'Animated Environment, Artist in Residence dealing with Art & Digital Technology' Arundel Court Junior School, Landport Community Centre & The Haven and the Aspex Gallery. The work went on to tour around the UK, France and Iceland.
The original concept was a contributory artwork which all of the pupils and staff in the school could participate and contribute to. The theme was colour. This was the first artwork which explored this theme. It was simple concept; everyone can identify a favourite colour. What is it? What can you say about it? Why is it your so?
Contributors chose a colour and recorded a video clip telling the story of its significance. Contributions where located in a sphere of colour. Searching through the sphere and interacting with hidden links revealed the embedded narratives.
In the school new alliances were formed. Groups became green, yellow, red, blue people. Members of tribes and alliances based on a colour. As the work toured around from location to location new contributions were added. This began the process of amassing a huge amount of data related to the meaning of colour. What started as a six month residency has developed into a passion, maybe it's an obsession with the metaphysical, cognitive and empirical relationships with the enigma which is colour.
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