Five Senses in Fifteen Colours
The five senses are not isolated experiences; they are a complex set of inter-relationships, undeniably illustrated through synaesthesia.
Synaesthesia is a condition where the interconnectedness between the five senses is heightened to a degree where interaction through one sensibility is manifest in another. The condition is by degrees though; itís not an all or nothing situation. We all have it to some degree, Memory and other sensual experiences are similarly interrelated; they can create a threshold though which associations rush. A smell, visual stimulus, a sound or a taste can stimulate the Ďotherí simultaneous aesthetics events that are situated in and living in memory. I chose to focus, as a starting point, on the singular object that we call colour but aware that colour cannot be thought of in any meaningful way as singular; it is a portal from which histories and other associations; the context, emerges. Our senses are the means by which we mediate between the external environment and the inner-self. For all their inadequacies they are the antenna that gather information, how that is process and interpreted is far too complex for me to consider deciphering. I collect and show.
Sound in 3 colours, Seeing in 3 Colours, Smell in 3 Colours, Touch in 3 Colours, Taste in 3 Colours and Feeling in 3 Colours are comprised of three short narratives that give context to the intangible that we call a colour; the senses are situated in experience.

Seeing in 3 Colours Smell in 3 Colours Sound in 3 Colours Taste in 3 Colours Touch in 3 Colours

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