The Living Storybook (1998)
Co-produced with Ken DeHaan
Funded by Portsmouth Social Services this was a record of a series of encounters between young people an elderly residents. This was more than a reminiscence project as there was active engagement and bridge building between young and old. They exchanged stories, histories, ideas, inspirations and aspirations. Friendships were forged and knowledge transferred. Two often misunderstood groups learned from each other, suspicions and fears were challenged and overcome. They were all the co-creators of the artwork. An inter-active installation composed of video documenting encounters between the elderly and the young.
Living Story Book exhibited at:
Longdean Day Centre, Alexandra Lodge, St Michaels Lodge, Samuel Lodge, Edinburgh House, Hilsea Lodge, St John's Cathedral, MacDonald Watson Lodge, Highgrove Lodge, Fifth Street Day Centre, Portsmouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Aspex Gallery.
The centres involved were: Northern Parade Day Centre, MacDonald Watson Lodge, MacDonald Watson Day Centre, Ford Lodge, Edinburgh House, St John's Cathedral Day Centre, Samuel Lodge, St Michael's Lodge, Alexander Lodge, Fifth St Day Centre, Harry Sotnick House, Highgrove Lodge, Longdean Lodge, Caroline Lodge, Hilsea Lodge, The Wooferton Rd Baptise Church.
The Schools involved were: Corpus Christie Primary School, St George's Beneficial School, Paulsgrove School, Springfield School, Isambard Brunel School. The Colleges involved were: Portsmouth College, The South Downs College, The University of Portsmouth.
Many thanks to Ken DeHaan for his expert and professional organisation of the encounters and co-ordination of all of the school, colleges and other institutions, participants and contributors.
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