Mottisfont Abbey, IcehouseColourSpace
1 July - 16 December 2012
IceHouseColourSpace - a new art installation by Ken Devine Visitors peering into Mottisfont’s underground ice house are in for a surprise. In the age before electric refrigeration, this deep insulated pit was filled during winter with compressed snow and ice for use during warmer months. Now, it’s been transformed by light and colour, and by the imagination of artist Ken Devine. IceHouseColourSpace is a digital installation, a projection of a portal into a more expansive, deeper space. It is a specific adaptation of The Haphazard Colour Machine, a random journey through a three dimensional environment of colour. It doesn’t have a specific meaning; it just creates a beautiful, meditative space. Also on show are three sets of prints in the loose boxes of the Stables. These explore colour in more personalised and collective ways, including material from The Analytical Colour Engine, which creates spectrum maps of the associations and meanings that people have attributed to different colours.
Mottisfont Abbey, Mottisfont, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0LP Telephone: 01794 340757

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