Portsea Wall
Co-produced with Martin Sumner,
Co-writer: Phelim Rowland,
Adam Bowley (production assistant)
Tracey New (production researcher)
Commissioned by Taped-Up 2000
Broadcast Documentary Film
A celebration, from unusual perspectives, of the Portsea Wall, which, surrounding the Naval base in Portsmouth, separates two very distinct communities: the civilian districts of Portsea and Landport on one side, and the township of the Royal Naval Dockyard on the other. The film takes as it's start point the fact that both sides of the wall have a long history with great traditions and a fair share of mythology about 'the other side'. Of course the separation has created a unique relationship, and part of the fascination is that the success and stability of each side has always depended upon the support of the other. This relationship of mutual prosperity and the crossover of the two 'sides' is most clearly defined in the process of shipbuilding - historical accounts and personal recollection will be the focus of the work.
A short documentary production based around the relationship of the naval and civilian communities. The film focuses on oral tradition; recollections and personal testimonies that build a narrative based on that relationship.


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