The Union Street Haphazard History Machine (2000)
Co-Produced with Martin Sumner
An interactive installation in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth based on archive film and video material of the infamous 'Union St' in the City Centre. The project used Documentary, News and Current Affairs footage as well as narrative film material, dating between 1910 to the present, giving multiple perspective of life in a very particular area of the city. All material came from the extensive TSW (Calton T.V.) Archive. Technical support was provided by STAR (Science, Technology and Arts Research) based in the University of Plymouth's School of Computing. Commissioned by the Theatre Royal, STAR and TSW Archive.
A non-linear narrative of place; Union Street; the iconic mile in Plymouth. It has been forever the sex, drugs and rock and roll centre of fun and lowlife according every denizen of that city we encountered, and the archive material supports this view through the randomly distributed film and video clips of the street, its visitors and unfortunate inhabitants. But Union Street was never as good as it used to be. The haphazard nature of the project reflects upon the non-linearity of knowing. We don't start at the beginning and finish at the end, for that place is always changing. We learn and know haphazardly. There is, however, a form within the programming. There are beginnings, middles and ends but how these are joined together is a changing series of randomly branching forms.
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