Where is the art?

Enigmatic Communities of Colour

I don't know for sure if any of the objects, projects or events I've been involved with produces the 'object' art or whether it is the creation process which is the art. Certainly it is the case that in terms of practice I've been involved in many variations. Some of them seem more like design some have been less like design. Some have involved a huge amount of planning, some have been spontaneous. There have been times when there has been a clear audience or client and at others it has been a much more self-indulgent absorption in a theme. I don't think there is a right way to go about it, there are different ways to go about different things.

Union Street

What drives the work is a diversity of interests: language [written and aural] and translation [this includes the languages of the visual, touch, smell and taste] logic, paradox, contradiction, fuzziness, people, set theory, philosophy, an abhorrence of hierarchies, the concept of strange loops, why things are the way they are, culture, belief systems, narrative, uncertainty, chaos and colour. What I admire most of all, probably, is diversity. What I abhor most of all is racism and other forms of ignorant, intolerant prejudiced. Monotheistic or monolithic ideologies seek to suppress diversity. That is where my own intolerance sits in a very comfortable contradiction.
My heroic figures are: Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nina Simone, Salman Rushie, Emily Pankhurst, Gabriel García Márquez, Nelson Mandela, Billie Holiday, my Mother, my Father. Each embodies a stance which celebrates defiance, tolerance and diversity. I love the contrast and space between Thomas Tallis and Jimi Hendrix.

The Haphazard Colour Machine

At various times I've been described, willingly or unwillingly as a: digital artist, community artist, sculptor, painter, installation artist, musician, poet, video artist, wood turner, furniture maker, technician, one interested in the Arts/Science relationship. They all have some truth. This interests me. That multiplicity which is 'Art,' 'the Arts' and 'the Art of...' The first is object [and event], the second embodies many different fields of production [and event] and the third is the process, the narrative, how whatever it is comes into being. This is for me, the most plentiful source. It opens creativity, and that we name art, to all manner of action and thought.
The production materials are diverse: people, computing and various programmes, glass, charcoal, wood, various metals, plaster, sound, print, paint, plastic, word, ink, text, fabric, live performance et al.
In the last 10 years there have been 2 reoccurring themes: The rationalist, the empiricist and the metaphysician and colour. The relationship between these meet in fuzzy logic which I found to be liberation out of logical paradox which probably or possibly perplexes many of those who knowingly and deliberately work in creative fields.
Unity through diversity